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Office of the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia in the Republic of Kazakhstan

- now MoE of RK

Since 2015, CAREC Office in Kazakhstan was moved to Astana to ensure close contacts and fruitful working relationship with the public, private and non-governmental stakeholders engaged in the reorganized government departments and environmental management initiatives.”

In the Central Asian region the Republic of Kazakhstan is the pioneer in the introduction of green economy (GE), according to the Concept of transition of Kazakhstan to the green economy. The concept aims to change and adjust policies and strategies, investment structures and public expenditure in connection with the implementation of the principles of low-carbon economic development and "green" principles (such as "green technologies", renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, waste management, and so on), framework for sustainable use and protection of natural resources and ecosystems. The main goal of this ambitious initiative is to increase the economic and environmental well-being of the country. Kazakhstan approaches of GE and GG enables to work and focus strategically for CAREC Office in KZ to participate in shaping of appropriate policies in the field of environment and development, respond to the challenges arising from economic diversification, urbanization, water management and the need for climate change mitigation and ensuring energy security of the country.

Furthermore, within the framework of ESCAP’s Green Growth Capacity Development Programme in partnership with CAREC Office in KZand Education for Sustainable Development Programme and with financial assistance from Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth (SINGG) was organized the regional training on Green Growth for Sustainable Development: Capacity Development for Policy Makers in Central Asia. The main goal of regional training on Green Growth for Sustainable Development: Capacity Development for Policy Makers in Central Asia is to raise the awareness and train the policy makers of subregion to green growth policies and strategies.

Likewise, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the consensus reached during the 2nd Regional Strategic Cooperation Seminar on forest Central Asian economy, held in Ulan Bator (Mongolia) in partnership with IESD and CAREC Office in the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the financial support Asia-Pacific network for Sustainable forest management and rehabilitation held the first conference of forestry ministers of Central Asia, China and Mongolia, 30-31 May 2016 in Astana, Kazakhstan. For all countries in the region the actual challenges are the degradation of forests due to climate change, unsustainable use of water resources, forest fires, illegal logging, overgrazing, and other factors. In addition, the region is undergoing rapid socio-economic restructuring, which has a significant impact on almost all aspects of society, as well as sustainable forestry development.

Sustainable development and economic growth in Central Asia can be achieved only through a "green economy" and the "green" growth policy. Support the exchange of experience and knowledge on the concept of "green economy" among all the countries of the region will be the key to regional sustainable development (UNEP, 2013). CAREC is the first regional organization involved in the preparation of the concept of "green growth" and the implementation of projects in this direction

CAREC Office in KZ leading its active and fruitful work to promote the role of CAREC with all stakeholders since February 2015 in Astana.

One of the priorities of the CAREC Office in KZ is to facilitate the implementation of the principles of GE and GG in Kazakhstan, as well as implementation of the Concept of transition to a low-carbon development and the "green" economy in order to meet the interests of present and future generations.

Vision of the CAREC Country office in Kazakhstan is following:

  • favorable conditions,
  • natural resource management
  • environmental safety for people to ensure their decent living conditions and to protect their health,
  • stimulate the economy and business
  • implementation of the principles of GE and policies of GG.

  • The CAREC Office in KZ will expand and adapt their human, technical and institutional capacity to implement targeted interventions within the core programs of CAREC: environmental management and environmental policy, support for water initiatives, climate change and sustainable energy, education for sustainable development and the priorities of the CAC and international partners.


    Country: Kazakhstan
    City: Astana
    Address: 11/1 Orynbor str., office 207
    Director: Shynar Toilybayeva
    Phone: +7705 662 0812
    Email: kazakhstan@carececo.org
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