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CAREC Country Office in Kazakhstan

The role of CAREC CO in Kazakhstan is to support CAREC’s national and regional projects which are implemented in the country with the aim of facilitating interaction with various partners and stakeholders important for project implementation and resource mobilization.


The legal basis of the CAREC Country Office in Kazakhstan

CAREC CO in Kazakhstan was opened in 2014 in Almaty.

In 2015, CAREC CO in Kazakhstan moved to Astana in order to ensure close contacts and productive working relationship with the ministries and national partners and non-governmental stakeholders.

On 4th of April 2017 CAREC CO in Kazakhstan was officially registered at the Ministry of Justice a structural unit of CAREC.


1. Strategic objectives at the regional level: assistance in intersectoral and regional cooperation in Central Asia to address environmental problems on water management, green economy and sustainable development;

2. Strategic objectives at the national level: assistance in the implementation of the CAREC mission in Kazakhstan in accordance with the CAREC Charter and the Regulations on Branches.


·         Assistance in the exchange and dissemination of information on environmental protection and sustainable development;

·         Organize and conduct trainings, seminars and lectures on environmental issues;

·         Promote awareness on environmental issues and attract public in the decision-making process in the field of environmental protection;

·         Promote the development of recommendations to improve the environment in region;

·         Implement project activities in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, green economy, green growth;

·         Promote CAREC projects at the national, regional and international levels;

·         Promote the implementation of the principles of the "green economy" and "green growth", as well as the implementation of the Concept of the transition of countries to low-carbon development in order to meet the interests of present and future generations.

Main events:

In April 2017, CAREC CO in Kazakhstan hosted an international conference on “Cooperation on development of green economy in the context of sustainable development in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia: new opportunities, advantages and benefits from regional cooperation”, where all the partners of CAREC solemnly congratulated the CAREC CO in Kazakhstan. Within the framework of the conference, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia on coordination and joint efforts for effective cooperation in the implementation of the green growth policy with participation of the Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Gani Sadibekov.

Since the beginning of 2017, CAREC CO in Kazakhstan has launched a research project "Promoting Clean Transport Development in Kazakhstan", with the financial support of UNEP. The aim of the project to promote policy development for cleaner transport by developing appropriate fiscal policies to promote more fuel-efficient vehicles, including electric vehicles; and other policies such as car labelling; as well as the development of a national vehicle. Kazakhstan was chosen as one of the countries to participate in the project, due to the increasing trend towards urbanization and motorization. The Concept of Kazakhstan's transition to “green economy” and the development of clean transport, as well as fuel economy will contribute to improving the air quality and the implementation of the Paris Agreement. 

On July 2018 CAREC CO in Kazakhstan hosted a two-day regional seminar on improving the efficiency of the transport sector in Central Asian countries. Within the framework of the seminar, the results of the conducted research on the fuel efficiency assessment of the transport sector in Kazakhstan and the impact of government measures (the Law "On Transport in the Republic of Kazakhstan", the Law on Road Transport, the Law "On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan") were discussed in order to formulate recommendations for the further development of sector regulation policies.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the consensus reached during the 2nd Regional Strategic Cooperation Seminar on forest Central Asian economy, held in Ulan Bator (Mongolia) in partnership with IESD and CAREC Office in the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the financial support Asia-Pacific network for Sustainable forest management and rehabilitation held the first conference of forestry ministers of Central Asia, China and Mongolia, 30-31 May 2016 in Astana, Kazakhstan.



·         Implementation of its activities in the interests of the environment;

·         Implementation of national projects and support CAREC’s regional initiatives;

·         Support effective interaction with all structural units of CAREC;

·         Build relationships solely on the basis of trust and partnership.

Publications and reports:

(links to the report on transport will be given)



Shynar Toilybayeva,

 Director of CAREC Country Office in Kazakhstan

E: shtoilybayeva@carececo.org


Alina Maxatova, 

Office manager/accountant of CAREC Country Office in Kazakhstan

E: amaxatova@carececo.org


Kazgidromet Building, 11/1 Mangilik Yel ave., office  #207, Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan

Web site: www.carececo.org

Ph.: +77172552016


























Country: Kazakhstan
City: Astana
Address: Kazgidromet Building, 11/1 Mangilik Yel ave., office #207
Director: Shynar Toilybayeva
Phone: +7705 662 0812
Email: kazakhstan@carececo.org
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