The Regional
Environmental CentRE
For Central Asia

The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) is an independent, non-political and non-for-profit international organisation with regional mandate to assist the Central Asian governments, regional and international stakeholders in addressing environmental and sustainability challenges across Central Asian region and Afghanistan. 

By promoting dialogue and collaboration among all environmental stakeholders, CAREC has today become a leading regional knowledge hub in the field of environment and sustainable development recognised by national, regional and international partners.

CAREC was established in 2001 by a joint decision of all five Central Asian states (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), European Union and UNDP, following the resolution of the IV Pan-European Conference held in 1998, Aarhus (Denmark). 



CAREC began its operations in 2001
Since then, operating through its head office located in Almaty, Kazakhstan and well-established country office network in five Central Asian states, CAREC takes a lead in environmental cooperation in the region. Since its inception, CAREC has emerged into regional organisation capable to fulfill its mandate to promote environmental cooperation and sustainable development in the Central Asian region. The organisation was vested with the authority to develop and implement the Central Asian Initiative on Sustainable Development. The EU and other international organisations supported CAREC's emergence as a regional platform for environmental cooperation. State bodies, non-governmental organisations and international agencies acknowledge CAREC as a professional and reliable partner.


Though direct funding for CAREC ceased in 2009
it continues to operate by adapting to new financial environment through participation in competitive bidding processes through its thematic programs. Over the last 16 years, the Centre has developed its human, technical and institutional capacity and became a truly independent and recognised environmental organisation. 


CAREC celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2016.
For over 15 years of work, the organisation proved to be a unique platform for cooperation between Central Asian environmental community and international partners which meets the interests of both concerned government agencies and NGO sector in CAR. CAREC will continue carrying out its mission and promoting donor initiatives in the region on a wide range of sustainability issues.
Central Asian governments consider CAREC as a tool allowing to engage in international environmental processes, to expand their potential of accessing international funding mechanisms in the field of climate change and biodiversity and assisting in promoting regional environmental management models such as Executive Committee of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea (EC IFAS) and Intergovernmental Commission on Sustainable Development (ICSD). Numerous requests from donor agencies, state bodies and civil society organizations of CA countries once more highlight the need for structural reinforcement of CAREC’s catalyzing and coordinating role in the region.


CAREC plans to expand its partnerships to strengthen regional environmental management processes by 2020.
The organization is committed to become regional knowledge, research and information hub on environmental issues, while continuing to act as a recognised social entrepreneur.