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03 December 2020

Climate Change Webinars with IPCC Experts

In recent years, climate issues have moved beyond a narrow circle of individuals. Therefore, the time to unify the forces and start acting at the level of governments, organizations, companies, society, and citizens has finally come. However, to act consciously and effectively, we need to understand the problematics of the issue, conduct scientific research and share their results.
30 November 2020

Combating sand and dust storms: three-pillar strategy

The occurrence of sand and dust storms (SDS) is a global problem that hinders sustainable development, particularly in regions with arid and semi-arid climate. According to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), each year approximately 2 billion tonnes of dust are emitted into the atmosphere. 

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Rethinking Water in Central Asia: The costs of inaction and benefits of water cooperation
Authors: Pohl, Benjamin, Annika Kramer, William Hull, Sabine Blumstein, Iskandar Abdullaev, Jusipbek Kazbekov, Tais Reznikova, Ekaterina Strikeleva, Eduard Interwies, Stefan Görlitz

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