CAREC Country Office in Tajikistan


16 May 2022 года

CAREC Country Office in Tajikistan

The CAREC country office in the Republic of Tajikistan was established in 2002 in Dushanbe.


Representing CAREC in Tajikistan and fulfilling the CAREC mission in accordance with the CAREC Charter.


  • Supporting the initiatives in Tajikistan aimed at improving the environment, sustainable development and cooperation; 

  • Implementation the regional and national CAREC projects in Tajikistan;

  • Organizing and conducting of the events, seminars and trainings aimed at increasing the capacity of representatives of NGOs, governmental agencies and representatives of the business community, ready to support environmentally oriented events;

  • Facilitating public involvement in the decision-making process in the sphere of environmental protection;

  • Realizing the activities to discuss environmental problems, environmental protection policies and sustainable development;

  • Promoting the dialogue between governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations and other parties interested.


Address: Tajikistan, Dushanbe,
Shamsi street 5/1
Phone/Fax: (+992) 372 36 60 05
Country Director in Tajikistan
Zebuniso Muminzoda
Environmental Education Specialist
Mubinzhon Abduvaliev
Project Assistant
Angez Avzalshoeva