Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub for Central Asia (ReCATH)

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Funding sources
Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT)
$ 991,654
November 2021 – November 2024
Thematic area
Transparency in climate action, UNFCCC reporting, measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems, calculation of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)
General information

This project is an implementation of the Climate Action Transparency Initiative (ICAT), which supports countries in developing their capacity to create and manage a robust transparent framework that enables them to effectively implement the Paris Agreement. To this end, ICAT has created a toolkit with methodologies and transparency modeling tools that can be adapted to country needs. Activities include direct country support and the establishment of regional support centers and networks such as the Climate Action Transparency Center for Central Asia.


Capacity building and networking in the region to support countries in the region in their efforts to improve/build sustainable and comprehensive climate action transparency (monitoring, reporting, and verification/transparency) systems that enable them to adequately support their national climate action decision-making processes and policymakers, reach out to investors and other stakeholders in the implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, and meet their reporting requirements under the Paris Agreement through the Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub in Central Asia (ReCATH).


●    Increased transparency of climate change action in supported countries, allowing policy change and improved accountability to the UNFCCC.

●    Raising awareness of the benefits of increased transparency will encourage them to invest in data systems, by increasing the expert and institutional capacity in the region to increase openness to enhance the ability of Central Asian countries to effectively participate in the Paris Agreement (policy assessment, fundraising, greenhouse gas inventory, implementation and further development of NDC), preparation of draft regulatory documents);

●    Making the ICAT toolbox available and widely available to countries in the Central Asian region, including methodologies and supporting networks that countries can use for their transparency efforts and further development, taking into account the specific needs and priorities of the countries of the region and the region as a whole.

●    Facilitate resource mobilization for climate action in Central Asia.


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Review of strategic documents of CA countries under UNFCCC reporting PDF pdf-icon
Stakeholder Mapping on Climate Transparency PDF pdf-icon

Activities planned as part of the project:

For successful implementation of actions planned in the process of establishing the Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub for Central Asia, there will be created the Regional Steering Committee ( RSC), including the UNFCCC focal points in the CA countries, as well as representatives of hydrometeorological services and relevant agencies involved in climate issues in the countries.

During the first phase of the project, the technical partners - GHGMI (THE GREENHOUSE GAS MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE) will be prepared the regional gaps and needs analysis, covering the most important issues in the field of adaptation, mitigation, climate finance, reporting under the Paris Agreement. Based on this analysis and on the decision of the RSC the issues relevant for all participating countries will be identified and addressed through capacity building trainings prepared on the basis of the international methodologies developed by ICAT and best practices provided by GHGMI.

Project components:

Phase 1:

1.1   MRV/transparency gap and needs analysis for the countries of the CA Region.

1.2   Stakeholder and Key Actors Analysis (UNFCCC reporting, GHG emissions measurement, policy impact assessment)

1.3   Analysis of the international programs to support climate action

Phase 2:

2.1 Developing a program of trainings and training courses for the expert community

2.2 Conducting training sessions and summer school on the issues identified in the gap analysis

2.4 Capacity building of countries in the field of MRV, through training of experts in the field of climate action

Phase 3:

3.1   Creating and maintaining the center

3.2   Reporting

Expected results and project effects:

1. A Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) was established to facilitate and promote the regional platform and execution of the project;

2. Assessment and identification of key needs in terms of transparency;

3. Establishment of the Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub for Central Asia for coordinating and effective work and accelerating the development of regional competence in the region;

4. Conducted a series of online/offline training events on ICAT tools and methodologies and development of the training for trainers for future capacity building of local experts;

5. Institutional and expert capacity building of stakeholders in monitoring, reporting and transparency;

6. Supported mobilization of resources for climate actions in Central Asia.

Наименование события Дата проведения Место проведения
Launch of the Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub for Central Asia 10 November 2021 COP-26, Glasgow, Scotland
First meeting of the Regional Steering Committee 10 November 2021 COP-26, Glasgow, Scotland
First meeting of the Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub for Central Asia 13 April 2022 Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
National Consultation on the Gap and Needs Analysis 06 September 2022
ReCATH Inception Workshop 19 September 2022 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Regional cooperation on climate action transparency in the Central Asian region" 11 November 2022 Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

CAREC - overall project management and reporting on the project, reporting to the donor on the progress of the project.

Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI) - acting as consultant for the ReCATH and participating countries. GHGMI will also provide training and technical support.

ICAT (Climate Action Transparency Initiative) - project donor

Makhmudov Zafar Khakimovich – Executive Director, CAREC (

Syzdykova Raushan - ReCATH Project Manager (

Kravtsova Oxana - ReCATH Project Specialist (