CAREC Country Office in Uzbekistan


07 June 2018 года

CAREC Country Office in Uzbekistan

The CAREC country office in the Republic of Uzbekistan was established in 2003 in Tashkent and registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan as a representative office of an international non-profit organization on April 2, 2005. In September 2017, the country office re-registered with the Ministry of Justice and received the status of a branch.


Representing CAREC in Uzbekistan and fulfilling the CAREC mission in accordance with the CAREC Charter.


  • Representing the CAREC in Uzbekistan and assistance in the implementation of regional and national CAREC programs and projects in accordance with national environmental protection priorities;

  • Capacity building (seminars and trainings) for the representatives of the governmental organizations, business structures and other sectors;

  • Facilitating public involvement in the decision-making process in the field of environmental protection;

  • Realizing the activities to discuss environmental problems, environmental protection policies and sustainable development;

  • Developing the dialogue between governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, and other parties interested;

  • Promoting the development of regional cooperation between governments, state bodies, as well as non-governmental organizations;

  • Involvement of the entrepreneurs and industry representatives in resolving the environmental problems.


Address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent,
Prospect Bunyodkor, house 7, office 217
Phone/Fax: +998 71 277 37 87
Country Director in Uzbekistan
Ms. Shakhnoza Umarova