How the Central Asian countries celebrated World Wetlands Day: Uzbekistan

Publication date: 21 February 2024

Nukus, Uzbekistan – On February 2, 2024, the Faculty of Biology of Karakalpak State University hosted a scientific seminar on "Wetlands and human welfare" dedicated to World Wetlands Day. The participants of the seminar were party organization members of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, specialists of the Saigachiy integrated landscape Reserve, the Southern Ustyurt National Natural Park and the Barsakelmes State Reserve, teaching staff of the Faculty of Biology, doctoral students, undergraduates, students and media representatives.

The seminar was opened and led by a member of the Ramsar Regional Initiative of Central Asia (RRI-CA), Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Yakub Ametov. At the scientific seminar, reports were made on the importance of wetlands for maintaining the stability of the biosphere and human life. Information was also provided on the wetlands in the territory of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and their importance in the life of the local population. The scientific seminar continued in the form of questions and answers, the participants received answers to their questions.

Brief reference

It should be noted that the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) contributes to the implementation of the Ramsar Convention. With the support of GIZ and the Ramsar Convention Secretariat, CAREC supports the Ramsar Regional Initiative of Central Asia (RRI-CA). The RRI-CA’s objectives:

  • Support for the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Ramsar Convention in Central Asia;
  • Promoting the effective conservation and sustainable use of existing and potential Ramsar wetlands in the region;
  • Raising awareness of the importance of wetland ecosystems;
  • Inclusion of wetlands issues in the programs of national and regional nature protection activities;
  • Ensuring the transfer of knowledge and experience in Central Asia and other regions of the world.

Additional information: Ludmila Kiktenko – Programme Manage, Environmental Management Programme, CAREC,




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