Mission and Goals

A large number of environmental organizations operate in Central Asia today each occupying a particular niche and addressing certain ecological issues. The interest of all Central Asian stakeholders in resolving region-specific environmental problems continues to grow. However, the organizations working on the regional level are few.

The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia possesses a unique mandate granted by five Central Asian states. CAREC has a mission to assist Central Asian states in addressing their national and regional environmental issues. For this purpose, CAREC provides the platform for interstate and multisectoral dialogue allowing introduction of cutting edge know-how, knowledge and technologies in the region. This, in turn, promotes the deployment and application of innovative environmental policies, approaches and techniques, involvement of the public in environmental decision-making, and improvement of information exchange on the regional level.

CAREC goals and objectives:

•    to promote intersectoral dialogue among national- and local-level authorities, NGO’s, local communities, the private sector and donor organizations on issues of environmental sustainability in the Central Asian region;

•    to build capacity of accessing international expertise, knowledge, best practices and advanced technologies in the sphere of environmental management and sustainable development, and their application in Central Asian states;

•    to enhance the role of the civil society in sustainable development activities in Central Asia;

We are open to the dialogue with various sectors of society, and are prepared to improve the environmental conditions of our region based on collective efforts.