Meeting between CAREC and Nazarbayev University

Meeting between CAREC and Nazarbayev University

In the end of October, 2016, CAREC experts on climate change and sustainable energy met with Nazarbayev University’s team in Almaty to determine collaboration possibilities in the framework of current projects and programmes on water, climate and energy cooperation in Central Asia.

The main approach is to use various research instruments, such as modeling and developing of scenarios, for different trends of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change indicators. For example, the laboratory of “Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System” Private Institution (NURIS) successfully applies TIMES model for simulation of energy system in both Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Moreover, based on this model, the laboratory forecasts other components of energy system, including prices for energy resources, market prices, investments in technology, and greenhouse gases and emissions reduction scenarios for different energy efficiency indexes.

Ways CAREC can cooperate with Nazarbayev University:

a) Providing the methodological support to the Central Asian countries in the implementation of different models for climate change forecasts, sustainable energy and transport

b) Capacity building and knowledge transfer to research institutes on subjects, covering issues of climate and energy modeling by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the implementation of adaptation measures in the sectors of development in Central Asia

c) Information exchange and sharing the best practices between CAREC and Nazarbayev University


Nazarbayev University has sufficient experience in the areas mentioned above, and has a set of data required for the modeling. At the same time, the University has expressed a willingness to cooperate with CAREC, particularly in a view of CAREC existing experience on climate change, water management and energy, as well as connections with different institutions operating in Central Asia.

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