UzWaterАware holds networking event in a new format

October 16, Tashkent. The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) Branch in Uzbekistan within UzWaterAware project, funded by the European Union, organized the first informal meeting in “open kitchen” format with representatives of Uzbek media. During the non-standard event, the editors-in-chief, journalists and bloggers got acquainted with the project team, as well as learned detailed information about its goals and plans. The event had a positive reaction of the media relying on the active feedback, ideas and proposals linked to water resources, which were suggested by the journalists to PR specialists of the project.

On October 13, the master class was attended by the representatives of CAREC Branch in Uzbekistan and the Delegation of European Union. The event of such format helped create the atmosphere for communication, for presentation of the information about the project and for strengthening of cooperation and sharing ideas.

UzWaterAware team explained the media why they decided to hold the first informational event of the project in the format of cooking master class. The main task is to pay attention to the usual things related to water consumption with serious figures behind. For example, a person drinks only 2-3 liters of water a day; at the same time, 2000-5000 liters of water are required to produce food per person per day. The details of this calculation were also disclosed in the process of communication and cooking.

The experts of UzWaterAware project shared interesting facts about efficient use of water resources with the media. In particular, the journalists were interested in a unique case in Karakalpakstan. Water creeks with a depth of 50-60 centimeters are created for the cultivation of rice there. Then, the carp fry is launched into the water, which feeds on insect larvae during the ripening period of the rice, but does not harm the rice itself. In autumn, farmers have double efficiency: rice and fattened fish. The President of Uzbekistan has recently mentioned the application of such practices, referring to the experience of other countries.

The journalists asked different questions during the event and discussed further cooperation within the implementation period of UzWaterAware project. Many of them were eager to open permanent sections with informational support of the project team. The participants were also informed about upcoming events, as well as about motivational program for the media: workshops, trainings with international professionals, contests and foreign study tours.

The master class was held in positive atmosphere with active participation of the guests. The journalists had a chance to learn more additional information about the activities of CAREC and EU Delegation to Uzbekistan, including new issues of the children’s environmental magazine “Buloqcha” / “Rodnichok”, supported within UzWaterAware project. As a follow-up of the meeting, the journalists were given electronic questionnaire, reflecting the coverage of ecological topics, to establish more efficient and mutually interesting cooperation of UaWaterAware project with the journalists.

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