The Central Asian countries support the "Environment for Central Asia" process - outcomes of the first day of CAIEF

Publication date: 06 June 2017

The Central Asian countries support the "Environment for Central Asia" process - outcomes of the first day of CAIEF

The participants of the forum and the heads of the delegations highly appreciate the initiative of holding CAIEF in Ashgabat, noting that the forum provided a great opportunity for international and national partners from Central Asia and the Government of Turkmenistan to identify the main priority areas for environmental cooperation in the region.

At the plenary session "Challenges and opportunities for environmental cooperation on climate change and water resources in Central Asia", Dr. Abdullaev, Executive Director of CAREC, as a cooperation platform, outlined the essential need to promote the "Environment for Central Asia" process:

"We believe in the "Environment for Central Asia" process, which includes all elements of cooperation on environmental protection and sustainable development in our region. The main objective of this process is the systematic and better coordination of all efforts at the regional level, and the main driving forces of this process should be the countries of Central Asia with the support of regional and international partners. At the same time, the annual Central Asian Environmental Forums can become successful platforms for tracking progress in key strategic areas."

The representatives of governments of Central Asia emphasize the importance of regional cooperation on transboundary water resources management as well as in combating climate change, in promoting cooperation for sustainable development. It is necessary to note the support of the President of Turkmenistan in holding this forum, providing a unique opportunity for constructive dialogue in solving environmental problems.


International environmental agreements signed by Turkmenistan, participation in regional conferences and the Water Forum are clear examples of supporting CAREC initiatives in environmental protection cooperation.

The environmental issue is a priority on the agenda of the President of Turkmenistan. The country actively promotes the policy of sustainable development - Turkmenistan has signed a number of conventions to confirm participation in international processes on cooperation in the field of environment. Initiatives of Turkmenistan are put forward on global platforms. Turkmenistan chairs the IFAS. The country pays special attention to combating desertification and preserving biodiversity.


The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan expressed its readiness to continue fruitful cooperation with CAREC and the rest of Central Asia in promoting environmental cooperation. It is also significant that this forum is held on the eve of the International exposition EXPO 2017 which will start in a few days in Astana, the main theme of exposition is Energy of the Future, since the interrelationship of energy efficiency and environmental protection, the introduction of new green technologies are very important for the region.


Natural cataclysms cause significant damage to the economy of the country, recently the number of natural disasters has increased. Today the republic needs international support in solving this situation. It is emphasized that water use should be mutually beneficial and rational.


For a country, most committed to natural disasters associated with climate change, it is very important to be the initiator of a number of resolutions on the rational use of natural resources. It is hoped that this forum will contribute to a coordinated approach in solving environmental problems in the region.


The Republic of Uzbekistan stands for cross-border cooperation, and expresses its readiness in close cooperation with Central Asian countries on a constructive basis. Nevertheless, support is still expected from international partners and the world community in solving environmental problems in our region. Uzbekistan suggests looking at the environmental problems of the modern world with a rapidly changing world in terms of a new worldview.

Briefly about the results of the first day:

- Since many of the goals of sustainable development are regional in nature, regional cooperation and coordination in the field of environmental protection must be strengthened in response to the increasing global and regional challenges, including climate change, population growth and urbanization.

- Regional cooperation plays an important role in achieving the goals of sustainable development. At the same time, successful and effective regional cooperation should be considered not as the number of investments and projects attracted, but the achievement of environmental indicators that demonstrate the success of the actions undertaken.

- International organizations noted that the proposed "Environment for Central Asia" initiative should be supported by Central Asian countries for more coordinated actions on strategically important issues by all interested parties.

- At the same time, international organizations noted the importance of having regional platforms to take this implementation forward. Therefore, the regular holding of such ecological forums, as now in Ashgabat, is an important foundation on the way to progress.


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