Seminar on "Gender equality and conflict resolution in water governance”

Publication date: 10 July 2015

Seminar on "Gender equality and conflict resolution in water governance”

The regional training workshop on "Gender mainstreaming and conflict resolution in water governance" is held jointly by CAREC and OSCE on 8-10 July in Almaty (Kazakhstan) in the sanatorium "Lesnaya Skazka".

Workshop on gender equality and elimination of conflicts in water management aims to raise awareness and understanding of gender issues, to promote management and conflict prevention in water governance in Central Asia.

The training component of the seminar designed to achieve the following objectives:

§ to increase the awareness and understanding of the importance of gender in water governance and the use of different approaches for implementation of gender mainstreaming in water resources management;

§ to increase the skills and knowledge of the participants of training workshop with regards to environmental mediation and conflict management related to water;

§ to identify the ways to facilitate broader engagement of women in water governance;

§ to have joint learning, exchange of knowledge and experience in a positive and constructive workshop atmosphere.

The seminar is attended by nearly 50 representatives from all the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan. Participants represent the state organizations, public institutions, citizens initiative groups, international organizations working in the field of gender equality, and educational institutions.

The main session of the first day of the workshop, which is called "Perspectives on gender, water and conflict resolution» is moderated by Jennifer Sering, OCEEA (Office of the Coordinator of Economic and Environmental Activities OSCE). Basic reports are presented by: Damira Sartbaeva, gender activist and former UN Women Regional Programme Director, Susan Basilli, director of the International Women's Rights Project (IWRP), Francesca Greco, focal point for Gender and Water Affairs, UNESCO-WWAP (World Water Assessment Programme).

Training on gender equality in the water sector, held on the second day of the seminar, is moderated by Susan Basilli, IWRP director, and Hedda Femundsenden, Gender Section of the OSCE.

Ekaterina Strikeleva, manager of Water Initiatives Support Programme of CAREC moderates the session on "Exchange of experiences related to gender, water and conflict resolution in Central Asia and contribution of CAREC". One of the key reports on "Gender analysis in the framework of the project" Assessment of ecosystem services for the improvement of agricultural water management in Kazakhstan" is made by Ludmilla Kiktenko, advisor to the Executive Director of CAREC. The report is based on the project research and survey of local residents of the project area.

The workshop ends with a training on gender environmental cooperation and conflict resolution in the water sector, which is carried by Pound Diana, Lucy Armitage and Brijuni Pound from «Dialogue Matters», UK.

It should be noted that, according to the research, for the development of the full and effective participation of women at all levels of decision-making it is necessary to focus on the specifics of the relationship of different societies to specific social and economic roles of men and women. An important step in the water sector awareness of gender issues is the implementation of training programs for professionals and representatives of local communities, and activists who work at the local level.

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