Outcomes of the meeting in Astana on intersectoral cooperation

Publication date: 16 June 2017

Outcomes of the meeting in Astana on intersectoral cooperation 

June 15, 2017, CAREC conducted a National Consultative meeting in Astana on opportunities of intersectoral cooperation for addressing environmental problems.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of state agencies, nongovernmental and commercial organizations and expert community who are involved in water, land, energy and nature resources management.  

This meeting is the first in a set of national consultations in the Central Asian countries to be implemented under the framework of the project "Central Asia Nexus Dialogue project: Fostering Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus Dialogues and Multi-Sector Investments"*. 

Participants discussed the following issues:

-          What kind of intersectoral cooperation platforms exist in Kazakhstan?

-          What difficulties can affect implementation of Nexus approach?

-          What existing practices can support multi-sectoral cooperation? 

For example, existing Basin Councils were mentioned as platforms with high potential for more active role in multisectoral cooperation. The Basin planning as highly effective method, based on integrated water resources management principles which considers also economic development trends, demographic forecasts, climate change impact.

At the same time, Kazakhstan approved the Concept for transition to green developmnet and adopted the action plan, there is operated the Council for transition to the “Green Economy” under the President, the partnership programme "Green Bridge", approved at the United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development is implementing. 

As some obstacles towards multisectoral cooperation participants identified the unbalanced development of sectors, fragmented management, insufficient evidence base. The business sector, as well as international development banks, were recommended to be included into Nexus dialogues for attracting private investments.

*The project is funded by the European Union and implementing by the CAREC in cooperation with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


In case you need more information please contact:

Balzhan Zhumagazina, Project Specialist CAREC, bzhumagazina@carececo.org, +7 (7172) 265 43 33 (ext. 187) 

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