CAREC in Tajikistan celebrated its 15th anniversary

CAREC in Tajikistan celebrated its 15th anniversary

Dushanbe hosted the 15th anniversary of CAREC office in Tajikistan on February 24, 2017. Established in 2002, the country office supports CAREC activities in the country on environmental protection and sustainable development.

“From the moment of establishing a branch in Tajikistan it has significantly expended and acquired a character of varied attainments. While developing our projects we are focusing on the specific national requirements and needs of Tajikistan, guided with the goal and objectives of CAREC,” noted CAREC Executive director, Dr. Iskandar Abdullaev in his speech at the festive event. “We are striving to accomplish sustainable outcomes that will benefit Tajikistan in the years ahead”.

For 15 years, CAREC Office in Tajikistan has demonstrated a close cooperation with the government of Tajikistan on the issues of raising awareness about climate change, the relationship of the environment and health and etc. In recent years it has initiated a range of new projects, including projects on the problematic of water and sanitation and International Water Law.

The representative of the Committee of Environmental Protection under the Government of the republic of Tajikistan has noted the important role of cooperation with CAREC as the organization initially, which has been established by the environmental authorities of the five Central Asian countries. In addition, he underlined that the jubilee year is marked by a record number of projects planned for the implementation of CAREC in Tajikistan, and this fact shows that this cooperation has great prospects.

Priority directions of CAREC Office in Tajikistan include assisting the reform of the water sector and the improvement of legislation, strengthening of regional cooperation and support of education for sustainable development, as well as assistance in water management and awareness raising of regional initiatives in the field of environmental protection. 

“We expect that the jubilee year will give a new impulse to the work of our branch in Tajikistan, and we look forward to continuing and expanding our cooperation in the interest of the country and organization," concluded Dr. Abdullaev.

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