The Fifth Task Force meeting on the Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystem Nexus

Publication date: 18 October 2017

Geneva, Switzerland, 18 October 2017 The Fifth Task Force meeting on the Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystem Nexus was organized with the support of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) secretariat.

The fifth meeting aims to discuss and provide guidance to the implementation of the activities on the water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus under the programme of work for 2016-2018 of the Water Convention.  In particular, discussion of further development of assessment methodology under Convention based on stakeholders’ participation. Such assessment was implemented in Syrdarya river basin. The report with its results is available here.

Participants were presented by Ministries of Water Resources, Energy and Ecology from different countries. The Regional environmental centre for Central Asia (CAREC) was presented by leading specialist Saltanat Zhakenova. She shared information about ongoing Central Asia Nexus Dialogue project: Fostering Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus Dialogue and Multi-Sector Investment, funded by the European Union and future plans.

Meeting gathered different practical information. As such, according to the updated and presented report of UNECE, only Kazakhstan and Russian increased volume of investments into renewable energy.

More information is available here

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