A coordination meeting was held within the framework of the UNCCD project "Regional approaches to combating sand and dust storms and drought" in Kyrgyzstan.

Publication date: 15 September 2020
A coordination meeting was held within the framework of the UNCCD project "Regional approaches to combating sand and dust storms and drought" in Kyrgyzstan.

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On September 11, participants of the project funded by the Secretariat of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) "Regional approaches to combating sand and dust storms (SDS) and drought" in the Kyrgyz Republic held a working meeting during which the achieved intermediate results were discussed and further actions were defined.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic Zhanybek Kerimaliev, who is also the UNCCD National Focal Point for Kyrgyzstan, Director of CAREC Branch in the Kyrgyz Republic Meder Seitkasymov and national experts of the Project.

Opening the meeting, Mr. Kerimaliev highlighted the work carried out by the Ministry in the field of pasture improvement, development of agro-industrial sector, and implementation of climate friendly agriculture principles. He noted the important role of the project "Regional approaches to combating SDS and drought" in studying and reducing the risks of low-water and dry periods, which have increased in recent years in Kyrgyzstan.

Director of CAREC Branch in the Kyrgyz Republic, Meder Seitkasymov, told the meeting participants about the progress of the Project and the work planned for the coming months. Head of the working group to develop a national plan to combat sand and dust storms Kanat Sultanaliev said that under his supervision the team at the American University in Central Asia is working on mapping the SDS hotspots and developing the medium-term action plan for Kyrgyzstan.

The parties noted the positive results of their participation in the project "Regional approaches to combat SDS and drought" and reaffirmed their commitment to active cooperation under the Project. As a result of the meeting, it was decided to present the project results at the next meeting of the Coordination Commission under the Ministry of Agriculture, Processing Industry and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic.


In January 2020 in all five countries of Central Asia with the financial support of the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) the project "Regional approaches in combating sand and dust storms and drought" was launched. The project is implemented by the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC), which works in close cooperation with designated national institutions and UNCCD National Focal Points in each of five countries.

Central Asian countries are highly exposed to drought and sand and dust storms (SDS). This problem is especially relevant for areas outside the highlands, where semi-arid and arid climate prevails.

To assist member countries in improving their preparedness and resilience to drought and SDS, the UNCCD Secretariat, in collaboration with a number of partners, has developed mechanisms to promote policies to combat these hazards. The Secretariat has supported countries in developing national plans, methodologies and tools for dealing with these natural events. In particular, a set of drought management measures has been developed, an SDS compendium and a global SDS sources base-map have been compiled.

You can learn more about the Project and its activities here:

−         http://carececo.org/main/activity/projects/droughtSDS/

−         https://www. unccd. int/conventionregions/regional-approaches-combat-drought-sand-and-dust-storms-central-asia 

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