The first meeting of the small basin council on the Uzbek part of the transboundary river Padshaata

Publication date: 24 July 2018
The first meeting of the small basin council on the Uzbek part of the transboundary river Padshaata

NAMAGAN (Uzbekistan). On July 20 CAREC held a training on integrated water resources management (IWRM) and basin planning (BP) for stakeholders, as well as organized the first meeting of small basin council of Padshaata River on the territory of Uzbekistan. The training was set up within “Smart Waters” project, implemented by CAREC with financial support from USAID and in cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The event was attended by the representatives of CAREC, the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR), as well as various stakeholders.

The welcoming notes were given by the Director of CAREC Branch in Uzbekistan Ms Shakhnoza Umarova, representatives of MWR Mr Zokir Ishpulatov, khokimiyats (local authorities) of Yangikurgan and Chartak districts, First Deputy Head of Naryn-Syrdarya BISA Mr Saidullo Mekhmonov.

During the training, the participants learned about CAREC activities, the goals and objectives of Smart Waters project. The focus of the event was on the integrated water resources management, basin planning and basin councils (BC), as well as the national legislative framework on the principles of IWRM, BP / BS, stakeholder participation, and current water management system in Uzbekistan.


Hereafter, a meeting was held to discuss the issue of establishing a small basin council (SBC), organizing its work and developing a basin plan for the efficient use and protection of the water resources in the river, as one of the activities of Smart Waters project is related to the Padshaata River basin. The issue of the formation of SBC was discussed earlier during the introductory meeting on February 1, 2018. The council includes the representatives of different stakeholders / organizations, such as khokimiyats (local administrations), district irrigation departments, irrigation expeditions, agriculture departments, farmers’ council, environmental departments, Sanitary-Epidemiological Services, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, land cadaster and drinking water suppliers, makhallas, Association of Water Consumers and etc.

The Director of CAREC Branch in Uzbekistan Ms Shakhnoza Umarova noted that the basin council is intended to become a platform for consultations between stakeholders on efficient use and protection of the water resources of the Padshaata River basin, as well as for the consolidation and coordination of efforts of stakeholders on these issues.

As it was mentioned by Saidullo Mekhmonov, First Deputy Head of Naryn-Syrdarya BISA, this council would not be a separate legal entity, but an officially established advisory platform. In addition, it was noted that the activities of this SBC can contribute to ensuring the fulfillment of the main tasks of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Water and Water Use”; in particular, to provide efficient use of water for the needs of the population and economic sectors, water protection from pollution, debris and depletion, prevention and liquidation of the harmful impact of water, improving the state of water bodies, as well as protecting the rights and legitimate interests of enterprises, institutions, organizations, farmers and citizens in the field of water relations.

It should be reminded that SBC of the Padshaata River in Kyrgyzstan was created in the fall of 2017 and is already carrying out a number of activities aimed at developing a basin plan for the Kyrgyz part. It is envisaged to organize a joint meeting of two SBC within Smart Waters project, in order to strengthen cooperation in water management in the basin of the transboundary Padshaata River, as well as good neighbour relations.

Summarizing the results, participants noted the relevance of the training and expressed the need for holding similar training meetings on various related topics. Stakeholders also showed their readiness to support the project activities in the basin of the Padshaata River. As a result of the exchange of views and discussions, the participants of the meeting came to a positive conclusion on the establishment of a small basin council and defined the chairman of the SBC.

 Smart Waters project is implemented by CAREC with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development USAID during the period 2015-2020. The overall objective of the project is to enhance regional cooperation on shared water resources. Specifically, Smart Waters addresses the knowledge dis-lock in the region in water sector, builds working relations among water managers and specialists, and demonstrates the potential of the basin management approach and cooperation with the academia.


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