Community of Practice Students Competition

Community of Practice Students Competition

The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia in cooperation with the World Bank Institute are holding a regular competition for conducting Master's research.

The main idea of the competition is to support the student society and to conduct a scientific research aimed on developing methods of rational management of the Water Resources and on protecting the environment in Central Asian countries.

The competition is open for the participants from all Central Asian countries.


Knowledge is a key for sustainable development and well-being of Central Asia.  Disintegration of the Soviet education system led to degradation of academic, research and practice communities of the region. Presently, there are no programs supporting master and doctoral research reflecting the real needs and requiring scientific attention.  The competition will focus on fostering trilateral cooperation within the framework of student research to ensure support of such efforts with valid scientific and research data and, and as a result, integrated solutions

Main project objectives

•    Establishment and support of activities by the academic community network comprised of members of Central Asian universities, scientific and R&D organizations;

•    Carrying out a competition of master student research applications;

•    Rendering financial support to the winners of the applications competition;

•    Holding a project-specific awareness-raising campaign. 

The World Bank serves as the donor of this project involving a wide range of Central Asian universities.

Expected results

•    Establishment of an academic communities’ network;

•    Selection of 10 master research applications to participate in the competition;

•    Financial support of the research within the 10 winning applications;

•    Holding a regional event to present and to award the work conducted within the winning research applications.

Project achievements

During the last 20 years, this is the first project in Central Asia uniting the representatives of academic, scientific and R&D organizations, students, and practitioners with the aim of conducting evidence-based research of applied nature in a specific area. The project brought together participants from all five Central Asian countries, including 2 students from Turkmenistan. 

Applications will be accepted until the end of the day on April 25. The list of applications can be viewed here.

You may download the Guide for the competition's applicants and the Application form


Project Manager:
Yekaterina Strikeleva (

Project Expert:
Anna Inozemtseva (

Project Assistant:
Tais Reznikova (

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