World Environment Day 2019: Beat Air Pollution!

Publication date: 05 June 2019
World Environment Day 2019: Beat Air Pollution!

photo by Dilmurat Tokhtiyev

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on June 5. This day is meant to draw public attention to environmental challenges. It was established by the UN in 1972. This is the day when the work of the Stockholm Conference on the human environment started.

Each year, the United Nations determines a specific theme for Environment Day, this year it is dedicated to air pollution. According to the World Health Organization - every year 7 million premature deaths are associated with air pollution. It is 800 people every hour or 13 people every minute.

What can each of us do to improve air quality? First, travel by public transport, by bicycle or on foot. Secondly, give preference to locally produced products, their transportation to the point of sale leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

You can also reduce electricity consumption because the production of electricity is directly related to emissions into the atmosphere. How to do it? For example, replace the lighting with energy-saving, disconnect the devices from the network after use. In addition, it is worth remembering that livestock has a significant impact on the state of the atmosphere. Accordingly, a more “green” ration will help you make a contribution to environmental protection.

Learn more about the possibilities to join in the fight against air pollution on the official website of World Environment Day.

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