Zafar Makhmudov: An in-depth study of climate finance will help strengthen the Central Asian countries capacity to access and absorb funds

Publication date: 11 March 2024

A five-day Practical Regional Training on Climate Finance starts working on March 11 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 

The event will be held from March 11-15 within the Project of the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) “Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub for Central Asia (ReCATH)”. 

The Project Specialist Oksana Kravtsova says, the event aims to strengthen national expertise and regional cooperation on climate finance among five Central Asian countries.

The ReCATH project, an implementation of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT), aims to support countries in developing robust and transparent frameworks for the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement. Using transparency modeling methodologies and tools developed by ICAT, ReCATH aims to improve measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems critical for tracking the progress of climate action and mobilizing climate finance.

“This workshop represents a significant step towards strengthening capacity building and cooperation on climate finance in the Central Asian region. The importance of climate finance can hardly be overemphasized. Central Asian countries are not fully utilizing all opportunities from international development banks and international institutions. Over the past two and a half years, the CA region has received about 12% of all available climate finance (including grant and loan funds). We hope that an in-depth study of climate finance will help strengthen the countries' capacity to access and absorb funds,” said Zafar Makhmudov, the CAREC Executive Director.

One of the significant aims of the training is the development of project proposals and the technical capacity of national experts. Participants will gain knowledge of the reporting requirements on financial flows under the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF), enabling them to identify existing gaps and mobilize resources effectively. 

The training includes interactive sessions, practical exercises and knowledge sharing between representatives of national agencies, specialists from international organizations and civil society, facilitating regional cooperation among stakeholders. The event is aimed at national representatives involved in climate finance activities, who will receive practical experience and guidance from trainers with many years of international experience.

The workshop format includes expert presentations, panel discussions and practical exercises on project orientation, budget development and institutional frameworks for tracking climate finance flows, as well as an important part on transparency of climate finance, including reporting on financing received and climate finance tracking issues.

Additional information:

Dilovarsho Dustzoda, ReCATH Project Manager, 

Oksana Kravtsova, ReCATH Project Specialist, 


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