Zafar Makhmudov: CAREC dedicated to enhancing Central Asia's regional stability

Publication date: 12 December 2023

“The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia is dedicated to enhancing Central Asia's regional stability by actively engaging in transboundary cooperation, focusing on collaborative adaptation efforts to address the consequences of climate change,” Executive Director of the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) Zafar Makhmudov stated at the side event “Assessing and Addressing Climate Change Impacts in Central Asia: Challenges and Solutions” at COP28 in Dubai, UAE. 

According to Zafar Makhmudov, CAREC's involvement in climate change initiatives has been notable since 2001 - 68 projects aimed at promoting cleaner climate change adaptation, as well as enhancing energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy sources. 

“Centered on the theme "Central Asia in Global Perspective: Exploring Regional Dynamics and Global Interactions,"CAREC's promotes regional stability in Central Asia through its holistic approach, involving the active engagement of representatives from parliaments, ministries, and other key stakeholders. Emphasizing transboundary cooperation, CAREC diligently addresses the shared challenges presented by climate change and its far-reaching adverse effect of climate change. This inclusive approach ensures the participation of various stakeholders, including representatives from parliaments and ministries, fostering a collaborative environment,” said CAREC Executive Director Zafar Makhmudov. 

Zafar Makhmudov noted that CAREC collaborative actions are framed into the four pillars:

-       Key state and non-state partners in five countries better informed on security implications of climate change.

-       Key stakeholders capacitated to mainstream security considerations of climate change into adaptation plans and strategies to counteract risks.

-       Enhanced regional co-operation in developing climate change adaptation strategies and implementing existing ones.

-       Support environmental frameworks execution and support for negotiations.

CAREC Executive Director Zafar Makhmudov stressed that CAREC is fully committed to supporting the governments of Central Asia in reaching their targets under the climate frameworks. By fostering collaboration, providing technical assistance, and actively participating facilitating a collective and resilient response to the complex challenges posed by climate change, contributing to a greener, more secure, and prosperous future for the nations of Central Asia.

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