Inception Workshop of the ReCATH Project will be held from September 19th to September 21st in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Publication date: 19 September 2022
Inception Workshop of the ReCATH Project will be held from September 19th to September 21st in Almaty, Kazakhstan

An inception workshop will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan September 19th to September 21st in a hybrid format (offline and online) with participation of the representatives of government agencies from the 5 Central Asian countries involved in the project, a consortium of international experts, regional and national project experts, as well as other partners of the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia.

The purpose of this event is to ensure awareness of the project actions, its coordination with national initiatives, ensuring stakeholder involvement and obtaining recommendations.

The ReCATH project recently concluded a series of online national consultation meetings with representatives from the five Central Asian countries. As a result of these consultations, valuable recommendations and comments were gathered from the national project partners on the project activities.

The main objective of the inception workshop is to discuss and approve the final version of the project work plan, taking into account the comments representatives of all Central Asian countries, the project donor – Initiative for Climate Action Transparency ICAT and the technical partner of the project - GHGMI.

Representatives of ministries and agencies responsible for reporting under the Paris Agreement; international and regional development partners of CAREC; as well as - Oleg Bulanyi, Senior Program Manager of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency ICAT and Dr. Olga Glade, Director of Reporting, Measurement and Verification, GHGMI have been invited to this meeting.

Participants of the meeting will be presented with the results of gaps and needs analysis in the area of transparency of climate action, the concept and plan of project implementation for the entire project period, based on the results of discussions the priority sectors and key needs of the countries will be approved to form a detailed implementation plan for the center of transparency of climate action for the first year of project implementation.

This meeting is organized by the Regional Environmental Centre of Central Asia within the framework of the project "Establishment of the Regional Center for Transparency in Central Asia (ReCATH)" funded by ICAT. 

Background information on the project:

The Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub for Central Asia (ReCATH) project is an implementation of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) and has been implemented by CAREC since November 2021.The Initiative supports countries in developing their capacity to establish and manage a robust and transparent framework that enables them to effectively implement the Paris Agreement. To this end, ICAT has created a toolkit with methodologies and transparency modelling tools that can be adapted to countries' needs. Activities include direct support to countries and the establishment of regional support centres and networks, such as the Climate Action Transparency Centre for Central Asian countries.

For more information, please follow the link, or contact us directly: Raushan Syzdykova, Project Manager (ReCATH),



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