The Impact of Education and Green Skills in Kyrgyzstan

Publication date: 09 December 2023

Dubai – UAE – COP28 CA Pavilion hosted the side event “Amplifying Youth-Driven Climate Solutions: The Impact of Education and Green Skills in Kyrgyzstan” on December 8, 2023.

The session is dedicated to the presentation of the UNCC Learn strategy in the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the presentation of youth climate cases.

It is still crucial to assess how effectively the climate process in the Kyrgyz Republic engages young people, as the share of young people in civic participation is only 0.51 percent (UNICEF).  UN CC Learn is working to advance solutions to this problem and create a strategy aimed at enhancing individual and institutional skills for green development. This work is interlinked with major national initiatives, such as the ratification of the Paris Agreement and the government's commitments to strengthen the country's NDCs, the development of the National Adaptation Plan, as well as the adoption of the National Green Economy Program, an economy that recognizes the need for competencies for green development in the country

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