Central Asia Prepares for the Global Climate Forum – UNFCCC COP28

Publication date: 22 June 2023

The first meeting, “The Regional Dialogue of Central Asian Countries on joint preparations for the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change”, will be held online on 23 June 2023. 

The meeting will convene representatives of the countries of Central Asia, NGOs and international development partners. 

The Regional Climate Change Specialist of the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC), Vladimir Grebnev, notes the primary goal of the meeting is to identify possible areas to increase the effectiveness of the regional statements on behalf of the countries and civil society of Central Asia at UNFCCC COP28. 

“We are starting formation of recommendations and proposals on the content of the texts of the regional statements presenting five countries of Central Asia as the united region at such global climate forum as UNFCCC COP28 planned in Dubai, UAE, in December this year,” said Vladimir Grebnev.

Program Manager “Climate Change and Sustainable Energy” and CAMP4ASB AF Project Coordinator Dilovarsho Dustzoda said that on the initiative of CAREC, the participants of the 9th meeting of representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Parliamentarians of the Central Asian countries on climate change (19 April 2023, Tashkent) supported the initiative to prepare the Regional Statement of the Central Asian States “Voice of Central Asia” at the UNFCCC COP 28.

“Presentation of the “Regional Statement” within the framework of the UNFCCC COP 28 will draw the attention of the world community to the high vulnerability of the region, the readiness of the CA countries to strengthen international cooperation, the measures taken by the countries of the region to adapt to climate change and mitigate its consequences,” stressed Dilovarsho Dustzoda.

The meeting will present key planned activities to prepare the region for COP28, including support for the development of the Regional Statements on behalf of the Central Asian Governments, NGOs and youth. 

The CAREC Regional Climate Change Specialist Vladimir Grebnev emphasizes the meeting is open for all stakeholders. “Please follow the link to participate in the 23 June meeting at 3 pm (GMT+6). If necessary, please use the access code - 207611 and Zoom conference ID - 859 6113 4131,” said Vladimir Grebnev. 

The meeting is organized within the project “Strengthening coordination and positioning of Central Asia in global climate processes” implemented by CAREC under GIZ support. 

Additional information:

Dilovarsho Dustzoda - Program Manager “Climate Change and Sustainable Energy”/ CAMP4ASB AF Project Coordinator, recath_manager@carececo.org 

Vladimir Grebnev - CAREC Climate Change Specialist, cc_specialist@carececo.org

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