Transition Finance in Central Asia: Green investment Principles

Publication date: 04 December 2023

Dubai – UAE – GIP Secretariat (China) in collaboration with the AIFC GFC) host the seminar on Transition Finance at the UNFCCC COP28.

The event consists of three parts: welcoming speeches, presentation of the GIP report “Transition Finance Framework”, as well as a panel session on transition finance in Central Asia.

Presentation of the report “Transition Finance Framework” provided an analysis of current approaches to financing the transition period, identified obstacles and opportunities to solve them based on the report on the framework approaches to financing the transition period developed by GIP.

Session on Transition Finance in Central Asia discussed leading practices, challenges, and prospects for transition finance. Emerging markets play a key role in the global transition to net-zero emissions, with enormous potential for opportunities in both the development of low-carbon technologies and the decarbonization of existing enterprises. Transition finance will help these countries achieve their climate ambitions using transition finance and improve economic resilience, especially in the context of development in Central Asia, where the economy is heavily dependent on carbon intensive industries.

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