Education for sustainable development in Central Asia: analysis of achievements, challenges and outlook

Author: Tatiana Shakirova, ESD Program Manager, CAREC

The article of the manager of the CAREC programme "Education for Sustainable Development" (ESD), Dr of Biology Tatiana Shakirova is devoted to the review of ESD process from 2002 to 2018, analysis of experience, lessons learned and challenges and perspectives for ESD development in Central Asia.

Taking into consideration all the global and regional challenges in ESD, today CAREC is reconsidering and rethinking its role in ESD process in Central Asia. The main objective of the ESD Programme today is to provide a regional platform for dialogue, exchange of knowledge, experience, innovations and best educational practices/tools implemented at local/national/regional levels, and support CAREC's inter-program activities on education and capacity building, as well as intersectoral, interagency, interregional cooperation on ESD in the region with the involvement of all stakeholders and international expertise.

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