Energy Efficiency Learning Portal for Central Asia (CAEELP)

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Funding sources
$ 18, 000
January – March 2014

The main project output is to ensure that a user-friendly web resource containing relevant information about energy efficient technologies and equipment is available in Central Asia. The main components of the project are (i) Content update and liaison with stakeholders in the area of energy efficiency and climate mitigation. The main objective of the Component 1 is to ensure that the content of the portal is constantly updated with specific information (EE database, case studies and policy documents); (ii) Promotion of the web portal. The second component aims to promote the web portal through technical means and activities as well as to explore other funding opportunities to enlarge the scope of portal in the future; (iii) Project coordination. The main objective of the third component is to ensure the overall coordination and monitoring of the activities.

Experts, dealing with energy efficiency and climate mitigation in the region
Educational institutions
Public associations