9th Central Asian Leadership Programme (CALP) on Environment for Sustainable Development



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Thank you for your interest in participation in the 9th Central Asian Leadership Programme (CALP) on Environment for Sustainable Development, which will take place on September 17-25, 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Programme is designed for young leaders from Central Asia and Afghanistan, representing the state, non-governmental, academic and business sectors to develop capacity and understanding of young leaders about the trends, current and new challenges, existing opportunities and efforts to preserve the environment and achieve sustainable development in the Central Asian (CA) region, and also demonstrate the role of young leaders in Central Asia in strengthening the ongoing regional dialogue between governments, academia, civil society, business and the international community of Central Asia and Afghanistan in the field of development.

Below you will find more information on how to apply to the 9th CALP.

Application submission: In order to ensure transparency of the contest, CAREC will collect applications online starting from March 1, 2018. Therefore, interested applicants from Central Asia and Afghanistan are recommended to complete online registration by clicking on the link – http://calp.carececo.org/ and proceed with following steps:

  1. Fill out the online Application Form (in English OR Russian).
  2. Upload your essay (in English OR Russian).
  3. Upload your CV (in English OR Russian).
  4. Upload recommendation letter from the state body (for civil servants only).

In addition to online application, applicants must submit their CV and a brief essay explaining the willingness to participate in this programme: how it will enhance your skills, experience and achievements relevant to the renewable energy and energy efficiency, conservation of biodiversity and development of a network of specially protected natural territories, integrated management of solid domestic waste, water diplomacy: regional cooperation in water resources management, “intersectoral approach” as an opportunity for more rational use of all resources to achieve water, food and energy security in Central Asia.  Essay length should not exceed more than one page.

Selection results: CAREC in cooperation with partners shall carefully consider all applications and will select candidates for participation in the Programme. Selected participants will be informed no later than May 10, 2018.

Application and documents should be filled up and uploaded no later than April 30, 2018. Only completed applications will be considered.

Participation in CALP is free of charge; selection is based on open competition.

Preference will be given to the applicants between the ages of 25 to 40, who have work experience in the sphere of environmental protection, green economy, sustainable development, water resources management as well as those who have recommendation letters from state agencies in their respective countries.

Additional information:

Total up to 30 participants will be selected from five CA countries and Afghanistan.

Language of the Programme – Russian and English, with simultaneous translation

Financing: The Government of Norway, the OSCE Programme Office in Astana, USAID.

Venue: CAREC Head office, Orbita-1, 40, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Dates: September 17-25, 2018 (16 September – arrival day, 26 September – departure of participants).

Please contact us:  

Shakirova Tatiana

Program Manager "Education for Sustainable Development" CAREC

phone +7 727 265 4334; 2654327; 2654342 (ext. 120)

email tshakirova@carececo.org

Gulmira Isabaeva

Logistics Specialist CAREC

phone +7 727 265 4334; 2654327; 2654342 (ext. 122)

email gissabaeva@carececo.org

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