Central Asian Climate Change Conference

Publication date: 02 November 2017

Central Asian Climate Change Conference

Taking into account the high vulnerability of the region, as well as the scale of climate change problems, countries of Central Asia have signed the Paris agreement on climate change and already take certain measures to combat negative effects of climate change. In order to support the process at the regional level, CAREC and international partners are ready to promote a joint regional dialogue and provide support on knowledge exchange and capacity building in the sphere of climate change in countries of Central Asia.


In this regard, CAREC within the framework of the World Bank's project: "Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program for Aral Sea Basin" (CAMP4ASB) is going to held Central Asian Climate Change Conference on January 24-25, 2018, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The key objective of the forthcoming Central Asian Climate Change Conference is to maintain regional dialogue, knowledge and information exchange on climate change adaptation, and explore opportunities for further joint actions among all international, regional and national stakeholders.

Objective of the Conference also include:

·  Introduce the latest available information about global climate change and take into consideration key elements of the new climate regime, which could have implications for the countries of Central Asia

·  Disseminate information and knowledge on policy, science, technology and finance on climate change, which proved to be effective in the frameworks of the international and regional initiatives and programs in Central Asia and beyond

·  Explore opportunities and determine areas of cooperation with lead partner organizations, which deal with climate related agenda both within Central Asian region and beyond

The Conference includes 5 main plenary sessions, dedicated to:

·       Climate Policy and National Actions

·       Science

·       Best Practices and Technologies

·       Finance

·       Information Services

The Conference's Outcome Document is expected to be produced by the end of the regional event, which will reflect key messages of the plenary sessions and discussions, and contain recommendations and next steps in the area of climate change adaptation in Central Asia.

The Conference aims to gather more than 100 experts, practitioners and decision-makers, who deal with climate change and sustainable development in Central Asia and represent governmental and non-governmental agencies, academia, international development organizations, multilateral development banks, civil society and other stakeholders.


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