Trainer to trainer on climate change adaptation

Publication date: 09 July 2024

On July 9-10, a training of trainers “Climate Change Adaptation Measures” (ToT Session 2) is being held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

According to Irina Bekmirzaeva, the National Consultant of the Climate Risk Assessment and Capacity Development (CRDA) project, this is the second training, the first was held in June, and the final training will be held in September.

The Training of Trainers (ToT) is attended by participants who attended ToT Session 1, representing Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. This first session facilitated the regional exchange of experiences and knowledge. The core group of female coaches participated in ToT Session 1 and are now participating in ToT Session 2.

The purpose of the training is to teach relevant measures to adapt to climate change and the skills necessary to conduct training on climate risk assessment and identification of adaptation measures.

“The specific objective of ToT Session 2 is to present activities that strengthen the capacity of ToT participants to facilitate risk assessment, understand a range of adaptation measures and actions that prevent, minimize and respond to climate-induced events, both rapid and slow, and address natural and socio-economic (present and future) vulnerabilities,” says Irina Bekmirzaeva.

During ToT Session 2, participants will prepare and conduct a training session on one of the stages defined by the GIZ CRA methodology. In addition, the session will contribute to practical exercises to demonstrate the concept of residual risks and cascading effects of risk, as well as community-based actions that develop and support the identification of appropriate adaptation measures.

The session will be led by members of the international and national NIRAS teams.

“The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) provides support from CAREC national experts to the national delegations of 5 Central Asian countries in assimilating the material and preparing presentations on the transfer of knowledge from international trainers to national trainers. In the future, national trainers will train other stakeholders - each in their own country,” said Irina Bekmirzaeva, CAREC Program Manager “Climate Change and Sustainable Energy”.

The ToT was organized within the framework of the “Climate Risk Assessment and Capacity Development” (CRDA) project, implemented within the framework of the GIZ program “Climate Risk Management in Central Asia”.

The project was implemented by NIRAS in collaboration with the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) and involves a series of transboundary activities at the country level to identify and assess climate risks for each of the selected transboundary water basins.

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Ирина Бекмирзаева, менеджер программы РЭЦЦА «Изменение климата и устойчивая энергетика» (ПИКУЭ),

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