The synergy of Climate Action Transparency in Central Asia

Publication date: 01 February 2023

The meeting Transparency of climate actions in Central Asia: Determining synergies with key international partners in the region was held on January 31.

The meeting gathered representatives of the international organizations dealing with climate actions transparency and climate reporting under the Paris Agreement. Representatives of the Climate Action Transparency Initiative (ICAT), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT GSP) and other organizations presented the current transparency projects.

They discussed how to initiate the exchange of actions and initiatives on climate action transparency among leading international organizations in Central Asian countries and the world. They draw special attention to synergies and maintain complementarity of the transparency actions of the projects. They also discussed the involvement of expert groups and building a communication network. The participants decided establishing communication through meetings to exchange experience and coordinate joint actions.

The meeting was organized by the Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub for Central Asia (ReCATH). 

The Project Background 

The ReCATH project is an implementation of the Climate Action Transparency Initiative (ICAT), which supports countries in developing their capacity to create and manage a robust transparent framework that enables them to effectively implement the Paris Agreement. To this end, ICAT has created a toolkit with methodologies and transparency modelling tools that can be adapted to the country's needs. Activities include direct country support and the establishment of regional support centers and networks such as the Climate Action Transparency Center for Central Asia.

The ReCATH team prepared an analysis of gaps and needs in climate action transparency in Central Asia. Based on the analysis, ReCATH together with Central Asian specialists on UNFCCC reporting developed an implementation plan of regional activities for 2022-2024 under the technical support of the GHGMI Institute and other international partners.

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