REAP Project launches a new online platform for Agri-food Resource Efficiency in Central Asia

Publication date: 18 September 2020
REAP Project launches a new online platform for Agri-food Resource Efficiency in Central Asia

CENTRAL ASIA – The Resource Efficiency in Agri-food Production and Processing (REAP) in Central Asia has just launched its New Website! Funded by the European Union, under the SWITCH-Asia Grants Programme. The Platform aims to raise awareness and enhance understanding of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) approaches, methodologies and practices in the region. It will also showcase the journey and transition of pilot micro, small and medium enterprises in Central Asia towards sustainable development. 

Key data, results and impact of the REAP project will be continuously updated on the website in order for audiences to learn about the benefits that participating industries will receive from the project’s support. 

These include:   

  • Cost savings;

  • Improved work environment;

  • Higher productivity and improved business resilience;

  • Enhanced company image;

  • Reduced waste and reduced emissions;

  • Closer collaboration and knowhow transfer in clusters;

  • Improved competitiveness and ability to deal with input resource shortage. 

In a second stage of the platform development process, additional information will also be featured:

  • A database of micro-, small and medium enterprises in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan which are committed to applying SCP practices;

  • A database of experienced consultants and specialists available in countries;

  • A news section featuring our success stories and a photo gallery to show our work in action;

  • A resource section with publications and materials, as well as useful links to partners, experts and SCP users in other regions. 

Check out our platform at: 

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For more information, contact us:

Valeriya Orlova, Junior Project Manager,

Ludmila Kiktenko, Project Coordinator, EMP Programme Manager,

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