The course Academic writing on the study of the Nexus approach "Water-energy-food-ecosystems" has been launched

Publication date: 23 August 2023

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of the course "Academic Writing on the study of the Nexus approach "Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems" (WEFE) on the Community of Practice platform.

This course offers an overview of the necessary methodological knowledge and tools for choosing a research journal and the publication preparation process. The course is intended for scientists specializing in the study of interactions between natural ecosystems, issues of their management, conservation and development of sustainable socio-economic approaches to their use. After completing the course, students will receive a holistic understanding about the principles and standards of research publication and the successive stages in the preparation of a scientific article for peer-reviewed journals in the field of Nexus WEFE.

The course is available for completion after registration and authorization on the platform. Registration link:

CAREC implements the project “Support for the USAID Reginal Water and Vulnerable Environment” in partnership with the USAID WAVE under financial support of the USAID.”

Additional information:

Ludmila Kiktenko

EMP’s Manager


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