A tree-planting campaign with hydrogel was held in the Khorezm region within the UzWaterAware project

Publication date: 11 November 2020
A tree-planting campaign with hydrogel was held in the Khorezm region within the UzWaterAware project

On November 6, 2020, several events took place in the Khorezm region within the completion of the UzWaterAware project funded by the European Union and implemented by CAREC. The events were organized with the support of the administrations of the Khorezm region and Urgench city, the Obodonlashtirish department (urban improvement), and a project partner Khorezm Rural Advisory Support Service (NGO KRASS).

One of the events was a tree-planting campaign in Urgench using water-saving technology “hydrogel”. Planting took place in such locations as “House of Friendship and NGOs”, Amir Temur Park, and Urgench State University. The action was attended by Obodonlashtirish employees, NGO representatives, teachers and students of the University.

“Representatives of the ‘House of Friendship and NGOs’ were happy to take part in the environmental campaign for tree planting using hydrogel after the master-class on its application in October 2020. For us, it was an introduction to the new resource-saving technology, and we will certainly share the experience gained with other NGOs and farmers of the Khorezm region,” said Ms. Antonina Kim, Chairperson of the Khorezm Regional Branch of the Association of Korean Cultural Centers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Director of the House of Friendship and NGOs of Khorezm region.


In total, 450 trees will be planted during the campaign – 150 seedlings of catalpa, ash, and sophora japonica, which grow well in different climatic zones and on different soils of Uzbekistan.

“It was very important for us to implement this component within the UzWaterAware project because the planting of trees using hydrogel, firstly, allowed familiarizing a wide range of participants with the innovative method of water conservation, and, secondly, we had a chance to contribute to the landscaping of several areas of our favorite city Urgench. We will also continue to disseminate information on effective water-saving technologies among farmers during our other educational activities,” noted Ms. Liliana Sin, NGO KRASS Director.



It should be noted that the first tree-planting campaign with the use of hydrogel took place in 2019 in Kokand city of Fergana region in cooperation with the NGO Salomatlik Plus Ecology. During 2019, such campaigns were also held in Syrdarya, Kashkadarya, and Surkhandarya regions with the support of the National Movement Yuksalish as part of the “One Million Trees” campaign.

Besides, a media-component of the UzWaterAware project was organized in Urgench on placement of social and information banners. 15 banners were installed in the most crowded places of the city, urging Urgench residents to treat water resources with care and respect. The same media campaign took place on November 4-5, 2020, in Kokand, where eco-lessons for teachers of the city schools were also held. Besides Urgench and Kokand, in October-November, banners were placed in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.


It should be reminded that the project “Raising Awareness and Partnership for Sustainable Water and Environment Development in Uzbekistan. Component 3” (or UzWaterAware) has been implemented by CAREC with financial support of the European Union since 2016 and is part of the “Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Rural Uzbekistan” Programme. The national partner of the project is the Ministry of Water Resources of Uzbekistan. UzWaterAware has become one of the projects which managed to draw attention to water and environmental problems in the country and in partnership with government agencies, NGOs, and the media to carry out large-scale work with the population.

The UzWaterAware project is implemented by CAREC with the financial support of the European Union during the period 2016-2020. The overall objective of the project is to sensitise and generate a greater degree of awareness on the strategic importance of water saving, water conservation and environmental protection under the conditions of climate change.

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