USAID and CAREC met with national partners of Smart Waters project in Kyrgyzstan

Publication date: 25 April 2018
USAID and CAREC met with national partners of Smart Waters project in Kyrgyzstan
On 18 April, a joint meeting of representatives of USAID, CAREC and specialized agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic was held to discuss the implementation of the Smart Waters project, its current status and development prospects. Department for Water Resources and Land Reclamation at the Ministry for Agriculture, Food Security and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic (SEFAG KR), The State Environmental and Forestry Agency at the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic(DWR&LR KR) participated the meeting.

Funding for the Smart Waters project is provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) from 2015 to 2020. The aim of the project is to create a system that will allow to solve problems of lack of core knowledge in the region and build the working relationship between water managers and specialists in Central Asia (CA) and Afghanistan, in addition, the system will strengthen the capacity of the basin approach to water resources management.

During the meeting, issues related with the cooperation for Smart Waters project implementation were discussed: coordinative work with partners as on the national, so on the local levels; work with specialists to increase their competence through a series of trainings and education on master programs, technical and expert support. Director of Economic Development Department of USAID Mission in Kyrgyzstan, Mr Luis Hernandez, expressed gratitude to the national partners for effective cooperation and showed interest in further work, he also noted the importance of sustainable development of ongoing initiatives in establishing small basin councils.

Mr Abakir Koylubayev, Deputy General Director of the DWR&LR of the Kyrgyz Republic, emphasized the exceptional importance of cooperation, expressed gratitude for the work of USAID and CAREC and pointed out the necessity of building future tasks. Training of young specialists and English language courses for admission to the Master's program in IWRM at the Kazakh-German University is very important, noted Ms Aliya Orozakunova, representative of the SEFAG of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The project provided technical support in the form of office and technical equipment, which will be used by departments, territorial units of DWR&LR KR and also by the departments of environmental policy, state environmental expertise and interstate cooperation of the SEFAG KR. The newest equipment allows to increase potential capacity of the specialists in water and nature protection field, by trainings and seminars, and in addition, will give an opportunity to gain new skills of modern equipment and software exploitation.

The participants of the meeting agreed on further cooperation to achieve the project goals and, to find additional opportunities for strengthening the water sector of Kyrgyzstan.

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