Central Asian countries' plans at UNFCCC COP27

Publication date: 21 October 2022

October 21 - Almaty - The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) conducted the 5th Regional Meeting of the Working Group on preparations for the forthcoming 27 Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP27) online.  

The meeting convened the officials of the relevant ministries and departments for the environment, environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as representatives of the international organizations and CAREC. 

The CAREC informed about the joint preparatory work for the UNFCCC COP27 and the status of the preparation of three regional statements on behalf of the Central Asian Governments, NGOs and youth of Central Asia.  

At COP27, the CAREC, together with national and international partners, will hold four side events on the following topics:

1. Towards regional coherence and cooperation of the Central Asian countries on climate policy, finance, and NDC implementation

2. Regional climate action transparency cooperation

3. Central Asian Experience: Resources Efficiency in Agri-food Production and Processing (REAP)

4. Role of Youth of Central Asia in the promotion of climate change and carbon neutrality issues

The CAREC organizes the side events jointly with EC IFAS in the Water Pavilion and with the Committee of Environmental Protection under the Government of Tajikistan in the Tajikistan Pavilion. 

In turn, officials of five Central Asian countries reported on the progress in the preparations of the national delegations for COP27. 

The meeting is a part of the COP27 preparation series in Central Asia to discuss current organization and content. 

Additional information – Irina Bekmirzaeva, Manager of Climate Change&Sustainable Energy Program/Coordinator of the CAMP4ASB Project, ibekmirzaeva@carececo.org 

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