Nexus demo project in Tajikistan to support the energy and food security

Publication date: 09 September 2022

Over 90% of Tajikistan’s territory is occupied by mountains, which requires mechanically lifting wa-ter from rivers and canals to irrigate farmland. The pumping stations across the country pump and lift water to 50%+ of domestic irrigated land generating 80% of the country’s agricultural production, and thus secure the functionality of its agricultural sector per se. The industry, in turn, provides jobs to 70% of the population and contributes 20% to the country’s GDP.  

Agriculture is likewise a major consumer of water and energy in Tajikistan, using 90% of available water resources and 10% of the total electricity supply (for powering pumping stations). On top of that, the pumping stations were mainly built 40-50 years ago, and thus are highly energy intensive. The corresponding investment costs are hardly collected due to low end user solvency.

National demo project in Tajikistan “Improving the electricity consumption control and monitoring system at pumping stations and upgrading a large pumping station in Sughd Region in the Republic of Tajikistan based on energy-efficient technologies” aims to improve energy-efficiency of pumping stations in Sughd Region of Tajikistan. At this time within the framework of the project the following results have been achieved:

·       Analytical review on pumping station operation modalities completed;

·       173 pumping stations fully examined, and the Concept of digitalizing electricity consumption metering at pumping stations in Sughd Region finalized;

·       Energy and water audit reports developed by Grundfos;

·       2 investment proposals drafted and potential pumping equipment manufacturers approached.    

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