Blue Peace Central Asia Laboratory training: the water quality control competencies of university instructors enhanced

Publication date: 12 April 2024

A training session on laboratory analysis and analytics of drinking and wastewater parameters took place at the Kyrgyz State Technical University named after Razzakov in Bishkek. The training was organized for instructors from Kyrgyzstan's universities who are part of the Community of Practice for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (CoP4WASH Central Asia), supported by the Swiss initiative Blue Peace Central Asia. Patrick Eckert, a staff member from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), served as the trainer.

The training program included both theoretical and practical sessions, as well as field trips to drinking water treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities in the cities of Bishkek and Kant.

Participants gained extensive knowledge about methods for analyzing chemical, physical, and microbiological parameters of water, as well as sampling techniques. This enabled them to enhance their expertise in ensuring water safety and regulating maximum permissible concentrations in water.

The visit to the water supply facilities included a tour for a better understanding of water treatment and purification processes in practice. Participants also conducted water sampling themselves and analyzed their composition in the university laboratory.


The final day of the training was dedicated to visualizing analysis results using Excel tools and interpreting data to develop recommendations for optimizing the operation of wastewater treatment facilities.

As part of the Blue Peace CA project, universities in the region were equipped with water quality laboratories to conduct research under CoP4WASH. The aim of this training was not only to enhance the skills of educators in water supply, sanitation, and hygiene but also to develop their proficiency in utilizing these laboratories.

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Tais Reznikova, WIS Manager,

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