Promotion of innovations in the sphere of water resources in Central Asia

Publication date: 19 October 2018

TASHKENT. On October 18, CAREC-TIIAME Innovations and Scientific Research Cluster in the field of water management was presented during the Central Asian Trade Forum. The Forum was held on October 17-18 with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan and USAID. During two days the participants discussed opportunities for the development of the economic and trade cooperation in Central Asia.

The second day of the forum was devoted to panel discussions of Startup MIX initiative where a presentation about CAREC-TIIAME Innovations and Scientific Research Cluster was given. CAREC Water Initiatives specialist Mr Jusipbek Kazbekov said that cluster was opened in Tashkent on June 8, 2018. The opening ceremony was attended by the Ministers of Water Resources and Public Education, CAREC Executive Director and the Rector of TIIAME. Since opening, various events were organized in Cluster with the participation of international partners, students, academic society, representatives of state organizations and mass media. Besides, working meetings with donors, partners and target audiences of CAREC projects were held.

To date, the following workshops and seminars were held in the cluster:

Mr Kazbekov noted that each of the above-mentioned events strengthens networking between experts, representatives of state organizations, NGOs and mass media. In addition, the activities of cluster facilitate increasing knowledge of young specialists and students, as well as raising the awareness of the general public on the efficient and productive use of resources.

In the presentation, Mr Kazbekov also told about future plans of CAREC-TIIAME Innovations and Scientific Research Cluster. “We already have concrete ideas which will be implemented within CAREC Smart Waters project, funded by USAID. So, we will soon start a special programme for talented youth ‘Innovation Idea Lab for Smart Water Solutions’.” This laboratory will provide integration of practice, science and academics to jointly find solutions for pressing and real-life challenges of water management. The next step will be sharing the experience with Afghanistan and Central Asian youth by organizing a Regional Summer Camp in Tashkent.

Furthermore, Mr Kazbekov mentioned plans for cooperation with another USAID project “Agricultural Value Chain” (AVC). “Both projects will work on the introduction of drip irrigation in the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan. AVC project is aimed at improving the quality and volume of agricultural production; post-harvest handling and production; facilitating market linkages both domestically and internationally, and linking agricultural educational institutions with private sector demand. The goals of these two projects are closely correlated; so, we expect good results from cooperation with AVC specialists,” explained Mr Kazbekov.

How to provide integration of business with water resources issues and new technologies of talented youth for their solution? How to make projects sustainable, sharing experience and knowledge? Answers to these and other questions will be searched in the cluster by joint work of different projects implemented in Uzbekistan.

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