National consultations of the ReCATH project to present the results of the Gaps and needs analysis

Publication date: 06 September 2022

Today, on September 7th and 8th in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, a series of online national consultations of the project "Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub in Central Asia" (ReCATH) will be held with a wide range of participants.

The meetings will be held in preparation for the three-day inception workshop: September 19-21, 2022 in Almaty. The event will be attended by the members of ministries and agencies responsible for reporting under the Paris Agreement; international and regional development partners of CAREC.

The first day will cover the issues of GHG Inventory, GHG emissions forecasting and GHG emissions reduction (mitigation). The second and third day will discuss adaptation measures to the effects of climate change and climate finance, respectively.

The key objectives of these consultations include ensuring awareness about the project activities, ensuring stakeholder involvement and obtaining recommendations, familiarizing stakeholders with the results of the gap and needs analysis of the CA countries, prepared by CAREC jointly with the technical partner of the project - the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute.

Background information on the project:

The Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub for Central Asia (ReCATH) project is an implementation of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) and has been implemented by CAREC since November 2021.The Initiative supports countries in developing their capacity to establish and manage a robust and transparent framework that enables them to effectively implement the Paris Agreement. To this end, ICAT has created a toolkit with methodologies and transparency modelling tools that can be adapted to countries' needs. Activities include direct support to countries and the establishment of regional support centres and networks, such as the Climate Action Transparency Centre for Central Asian countries. 

For more information, please follow the link, or contact us directly: Raushan Syzdykova, Project Manager (ReCATH),




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