Meeting of NGOs in Turkmenistan

Publication date: 21 November 2017

November 18, 2017, Ashgabat national meeting with representatives of environmental non-governmental organizations of Turkmenistan was held. Meeting discussed opportunities for further collaboration.

Participants discussed the role of NGO in development of the regional initiative for Environment for Central Asia (EfCA) process and the establishment of the regional dialogue platform Central Asian environmental forum (CAEF). Also, results of research on activities of environmental NGO in Turkmenistan were discussed (link for the research report).

Participants of the meeting were presented by following organizations: Community of nature protection of Turkmenistan, Public association Yashil Shokhle” (Green beam), Economic Association “Expert-Analitycal agency "Inanch-Vepa", Public association “Ecodurmush”, Public Association “YENME”,Public Association “Climbing club “Agama”, Public association "Mashgala", Enterprise of Public Association "Tebigy Kuvvat", Enterprise of Public Association "Bosfor", Economic association  "Dyap-dessur", Community of nature protection of Balan veloyat of  Turkmenistan, Inheritance of Turkmenistan " Mirasy".

The main result of the Meeting is an agreement about Working Group formation in order to conduct following consultations in Kazakhstan on existing ecological problems, participation of NGO in their decision and the difficulties faced by ecological NGO. Discussion and coordination of consultation process between NGO will go in advance that will open the doors for formation of regional and national priorities from NGOs` point of view.

At the moment, the process of the Working Group formation and selection of facilitator for Consultation is started. All interested members can join the process by contacting Mrs Balzhan Zhumagazina, CAREC specialist:, + 7 (727) 265 97 85 int. 187.

Such meetings are planned for other CA countries. Please follow our news for more information.

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