Holds the meeting of the regional organizations of Central Asia

CAREC in cooperation with EC IFAS and GIZ

Holds the meeting of the regional organizations of Central Asia

Meeting takes place on March 10-11, 2016 at CAREC’s headquarter in Almaty. The event is targeted to support a dialogue among regional organizations of Central Asia on the following issues:  

1.    to exchange with news and opportunities existed in projects of participants, which support regional cooperation;

2.    to identify interests and possibilities for joint participation in regional and international events, such as: The Eights Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference (Batumi); the World Water Week (Stockholm) and etc.;

3.    to discuss any other initiatives to enhance regional cooperation.


The aim of the event is to identify interest of regional organizations to join their efforts in regional and international water-related and environment processes.

Expected participants are the representatives of the regional organizations of Central Asia as the following: EC IFAS, SIC ICWC, Secretariat of ICWC, SIC ICSD, Secretariat of ICSD, The Regional Center of Hydrology (RCH), Basin Water Organization “Amudarya”, Basin Water Organization “Syrdarya”, Executive Directorate of IFAS in Kazakhstan, The Regional Mountain Center for Central Asia and CAREC.


Background and objectives

Regular meetings of key regional organizations involved in promoting sustainable development and integrated water resources management in Central Asia are started in May 2015 by the initiative of EC IFAS and CAREC and with support of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. These meetings aim to support dialogues, information exchange, coordination and negotiation of joint efforts of participants. The meetings also provide opportunities to international organizations to meet with key regional organizations in one place in order to update about news and discuss initiatives.


Organizers of the meeting:

CAREC in cooperation with EC IFAS in the framework of CAREC-GIZ project on “Strengthening capacities in sustainable water management at regional, national and catchment levels”. Contact person: Sultanov Tolib, Coordinator for work with regional organizations, tsultanov@carececo.org


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