The 6th Central Asian Leadership Program

14-22 September 2015 CAREC again opened its doors to motivated, active, young people. 34 participants from 5 countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan have been a serious competition and had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, experience and competence in areas related to sustainable development.

Nine-day program was devoted to the achievement of SD Goals in CA, countries transition to a «green» economy, rational use of water resources, access to drinking water, gender balance, energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

What is sustainable development and how it is implemented in Central Asia? How does today’s economy affects climate change, desertification, biodiversity conservation and human health? What is gender equality and what is its specificity in the countries of Central Asia – problems and solutions? How the environment determines our level of income? These and many other questions were discussed in the framework of the 6th Central Asian Leadership Programme.

According to the tradition, established by UNEP, Programme again united three dimensions: people, environment and sustainable development.

The main objectives of the Programme – to promote the expansion of comprehensive thinking and the ability for the adoption of environmentally-friendly solutions, building business relationships among the participants and graduates – representatives of governments, the private sector and civil society; motivate the integration of environmental protection and sustainable development for effective decision-making; create and develop a network of cooperation between the new leaders of Central Asia.

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