Assessment of Assessments in Central Asia: water resources and green economy

April 2010 – April 2011
Funding sources
Federal office for the environment of Switzerland (FOEN), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Ministry of Environment and Land. Italy (Ministero Ambiente E Tutela Del Territorio)

The project was implemented in the framework of the European Environmental Assessment of Assessments (EE-AoA) process. The initiative aimed to prepare Central Asian sub-regional component - CA-AoA of the European AoA. Besides the assessment, the project also aimed to explore opportunities for the region to be gradually integrated into the Shared environmental information system (SEIS). The referenced AoA process was focused on two subjects: the Inland water resources and the Green economy. The AoA report was presented at 7th Ministerial Conference of Ministries of the Environment, held in Astana in 2011.

to analyze the situation and available assessments (reports) in CA countries with regard to two themes: green economy, water resources, and prepare the AoA report.  

  • Coordination of CA-AoA activities and results with multi-partners from CA and EU;

  • Creation of the regional working group and organization of its working meetings on CA-AoA;

  • Identification, collection, review and analysis of relevant water and green economy assessments;

  • Development of country fiches on each theme;

  • Registering relevant assessments in the EE-AoA Virtual library;

  • Filling in the Review template for the most relevant assessments;

  • Assessing the national and sub-regional water and green economy related assessments

  • Development of a prototype CA-AoA report and recommendations in consultation with national focal points;

  • Communication of the AoA report to stakeholders at the Pan-European Ministerial Conference on the Environment and Development in Astana in 2011 and other relevant events.