Supporting Turkmenistan in establishing State of Environment reports in line with UNECE indicators

Title of the project:  Supporting Turkmenistan in establishing State of Environment reports in line with  UNECE indicators

Donor: Federal office for the environment of Switzerland (FOEN)

About the project: CAREC  in the frame of promotion of European initiative on creation of Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) in the countries of Europe and Central Asia, and with the declaration of  Ministries on promotion of this initiative in Central Asia region, took in 2011 in Astana, conducted work in the implementation of project, financed by FOEN in Turkmenistan.

The goal of the project: to enhance capacities and provide expertise for developing environmental information for chapters of SoERs in line with UNECE guidelines in Turkmenistan in the selected thematic areas: waste, climate change, water quality, environmental management.

 Activities of the project:

-          Support the country in the development of environmental information which will be used for  SoERs

-          Identify indicators to be used in waste, climate change, water pollution and environmental management topics

-          Provide methodological support for producing data on selected topics

-          Conduct several consultations and meetings to ensure a good implementation of the project

-          Conduct a capacity building training for national partners on developing indicators based on formats of UNECE

-          Develop a webpage for the State of the Environment of Turkmenistan on the web-site of the Ministry of Nature Protection with displayed chapters with graphs, indicators and analysis

-          Developing the recommendations based on the results of expert work

-          Support the participation of Turkmen representatives at the international meetings related to SEIS

-          Organize a final workshop and outreach campaign to disseminate project results

-          Develop a final report  on achieved results and recommendations on instutualization of the development of SoERs on a regular base.

-          Develop a publication about project results, including environmental information

Expected results:

·         Stakeholder engagement:  The information about the project, its goals, and expected results should be conveyed for all stakeholders, and should be presented at meetings of WG created under the MONECA component of FLERMONECA project (Forest and biodiversity governance, including environmental monitoring in CA). Stakeholders and main beneficiaries of the project should consist from state organisations, non-profit organisations, and scientists, working in the field of environmental indicators and monitoring.    

·         Development of environmental information to be used in the chapters of SOERs: selected by the project four national experts in waste, climate change, water quality and environmental management themes worked on collected, analysing and performing environmental information in line with UNECE guidelines. The final products such as analytical review with graphs, diagrams and tables were uploaded on Ministry of Nature protection web-site.

·         Capacity building activity: during the development the environmental information for chapters of SoERs several consultations, meetings should be conducted in order to familiarize the national stakeholders with the methodology on formation of indicators and analyse the situation in relevant topics. Capacity building training and final workshop have to be conducted in order to disseminate the project findings and develop recommendations on improvement of indicators and institualize the process of SoERs development

·         Dissemination of project results: information list, project fact sheet and a publication will be developed in order to disseminate the results of the project. Collected information of four chapters are available at web-site of Ministry of Nature protection of Turkmenistan.


Project manager:

Ms. Saniya Kartayeva

Address: 40, Orbita-1

050043, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Tel.: +7 (727) 2292619 (ext. 277)

Fax: +7 (727) 2292619


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