Assessment of Assessments Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan on air, wastes, biodiversity and climate change

January 2012 – April 2013
Funding sources
Federal office for the environment of Switzerland (FOEN)

In 2010-2011, within the Environment for Europe Process, the Europe’s Environment Assessment of Assessments which focus on the Inland water resources and the Green economy was implemented towards the Pan-European Ministerial Conference EfE-7 (Astana, Kazakhstan, 2011). This Assesment of assessment project was implemented in two countries: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan on air, wastes, biodiversity and climate change topics. 

to analyze the situation and available assessments (reports) in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with regard to four themes and prepare the AoA report.  

  • Setting up the project team from national experts and coordination of their work;

  • Guiding the process of identification and analysis of available assessments and filling the review template for the most relevant assessments;

  • Development of country fiches for each target country on each theme;

  • Development of final AoA Report in close consultation with national focal points and experts;

  • Discussion of the assessment findings at national and international platforms

  • Presenting the outcomes of AoA at regional and international conferences and WG meetings.

  • Working groups (WGs) in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are established,

  • Two national focal points from countries are nominated, 4 experts for 4 thematic fields from both countries are nominated;-

  • Enhanced capacities of involved experts and members of WGs on the process of applying existing methodology and tools available on the EE-AoA portal;

  • Under the guide of a key expert national experts collected, analyzed relevant and available assessments;

  • Country fiches (one fiche for each subject for each country) has prepared and agreed with WGs

  • Assessment reviews for Kazakhstan and for Kyrgyzstan that cover each focus theme are prepared;

  • Findings with all relevant national stakeholders have been identified;

  • Assessment of assessments report was presented at 14th session of the UNECE Working Group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment in Geneva, November 2013.