The current results of the Nexus project were discussed in Brussels

Publication date: 03 March 2018
The current results of the Nexus project were discussed in Brussels

BRUSSELS, 01 – 02 of March Nexus Dialogues Programme Executive Committee conducted a meeting with representatives of regional and international institutions, international organisations, governmental bodies from Central Asia.         
The main goal of NEXUS – is to create a multi-sectoral enabling environment to facilitate sustainable and climate-resilient investments for increased water, energy, food security and ecosystems in Central Asia. The programme was established by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the European Union.

Global Nexus programme is being implemented in five regions: the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Southern Africa, Niger River Basin, Central Asia. At the meeting, the participants discussed projects’ results, current difficulties and possible solutions in each of these regions.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated directly to the developments of the Nexus in 2017 and possible further steps. Second-day agenda included discussions with international partners and institutions that are actively supporting Nexus related activities, offering a platform for mutual exchange and learning.

The manager of the Environmental Management programme at CAREC Lyudmila Kiktenko presented current progress and challenges of the Nexus project in Central Asia. She mentioned that to strengthen regional cooperation on November 13, 2017, the Executive Committee of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea in Turkmenistan signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CAREC. This agreement encourages close cooperation on the development and implementation of joint practical projects and programs in the Aral Sea basin region. 

Meeting confirmed that Nexus approach is the right instrument to strengthen integration and intersectoral planning on the national and regional level.

Photo by  © Global Nexus Secretariat

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