EU continues to support the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus Dialogue in Central Asia

Publication date: 01 July 2020
EU continues to support the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus Dialogue in Central Asia

CENTRAL ASIA – Building on the achievements of its first phase (2016-2019), the EU-funded “Central Asia Nexus Dialogue Project” has launched its second phase (2020-2023) with the focus on the practical application of the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus approach and its institutionalization in national and regional governance structures as well as investment decision-making process for regional water, energy and food security.

As the new EU Strategy on Central Asia (CA) calls for more focus on enhancing environmental, climate and water resilience of the region, the EU promotes the WEF Nexus approach as a fundamental shift from a pure sectoral approach to integrated cross-sectoral solutions. The CA Nexus Dialogue project will support the countries of Central Asia in strengthening their cross-border and multi-sectoral planning with an ultimate goal of facilitating sustainable and climate-resilient investments for enhanced security in Central Asia.

The project will focus on the implementation of four small-scale demonstration projects, including one regional project, at the pilot sites agreed with the countries. The project will carry out institutional and socio-economic assessments, develop simulation analysis (cost-benefit or trade-off) and proposals for technical solutions. It is planned that two investment-ready proposals will be developed and submitted to potential investors. Analytical and planning tools relevant for supporting Nexus based decisions will be adapted to local conditions and tested on the demonstration projects and discussed with the WEF line ministries and national experts at national and regional levels. The implementation of demonstration projects will also help improve the vision of how the Nexus approach can be institutionalized in national and regional governance structures and investment decisions.

The project will be implemented by the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) in cooperation with the WEF line ministries, national experts, local administrations of pilot areas, regional academic network and the International Financial Institutions operating in Central Asian states. 

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Lyudmila Kiktenko, Project Manager,

The second phase (2020-2023) of the European Union project "Central Asia Nexus Dialogue Project: Fostering Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus and Multi-sector Investment ( Phase II)" is a continuation of the first phase (2016-2019) and is being implemented by the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (CAREC). The project is part of the global Nexus Dialogue Program, which is being organized in five regions of the world with financial support from the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 

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