Green Economy concept and Green Growth policy


The global financial crisis has clearly demonstrated the instability of modern financial-economic system and set to the world community to come up with particular urgency task of finding alternative models of economic growth with consideration of environmental safety. Climate change, desertification and land degradation, growing challenges of natural resource management and environmental protection, food security, threats to public health, economic and social development are priority calls. It is necessary to increase the level of regional, national and international cooperation. In connection with the growing challenges, it is getting harder for politicians in making practical decisions and turning them into long term problems. Regional environmental centre for Central Asia (CAREC) is a unique, international organization of environmental cooperation with the countries of Central Asia (CA).


The Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) is a pioneer among other Central Asian countries in the adoption of the concept of country's transition to a model of "green economy" (GE). For RK GE lays the foundation for deep systemic changes with the purpose of transition to the economy of new formation by improving the welfare and quality of life of the population of Kazakhstan and entering to the top thirsty of the most developed countries of the world while minimizing the burden on the environment and degradation of natural resources. The transition to a "green" sustainable energy, the implementation of "green" technologies is a growing vector of the global economy. Kazakhstan, despite the presence in the bowels of the huge natural wealth, including hydrocarbons, intends to actively develop renewable sources of energy. In the "Strategy of Kazakhstan-2050" these goals are set. Annually Kazakhstan government will invest into "green modernization" the funds in the amount of 2% of the national GDP.

Today Kazakhstan is the only country in the CA region who accepted the concept and elements of GE. CAREC strives to promote the principles of GE through it’s programmes and country offices in Central Asia.

Fig.1 Country offices of CAREC and CAREC Programmes apply the principles of GE

The main approaches CAREC on transitioning of Central Asian countries to GE:

  • following to each specific challenges and needs of the countries of CA,

  • integrated water resources management (IWRM) through pilot projects in CA countries, principles of basin panning and ensure sustainability of water ecosystems;

  • supporting the national policies of Central Asian countries in formulating their policies to respond to climate change and implementing the principles of sustainable energy (SE) as well as the promotion of approaches of adaptation, low carbon development and energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES);

  • promoting the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) aimed to enhance the quality and comparability of environmental indicators and state of the environment reporting in CA countries, helping the country to fulfill the obligations under the Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), promoting payment for ecosystem services (PES), ecosystems  evaluation methods and natural capital accounting in order to preserve natural resources in the region;

  • integration of "green" approaches and principles to the learning and promotion of environmentally friendly behaviour in society, as well as addressing the needs of CA countries, capacity building, leadership and the promotion of "green" knowledge, skills and competences of teachers, young leaders, civil servants and civil society through the strengthening of the role of SD;

  •  identifing the relationship of human health with environment in the Central Asian region and assisting in reducing the burden of environmental problems on health in CA countries;

  • further promoting of the results of CAREC and partners through the mass-media in Central Asia.


Shynar Toilybayeva, Director of CAREC Country Office in Kazakhstan

Kazgidromet Building, 11/1 Orynbor str.,
office  #207, Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan

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