Webinars and workshop on reporting in adaptation (GIZ methodology, Best practices, ICAT tool) + Technical working group meeting

Start Date:  26.06.2024
End Date:  28.06.2024
Organizer:  RECATH
Location:  Bishkek
Contact Info:  okravtsova@carececo.org, recath_manager@carececo.org

ReCATH will host a series of webinars and an in-person workshop on adaptation reporting, covering the GIZ methodology, best practices in adaptation, and ICAT's tools in this area. These events are designed to provide participants with valuable insights and practical knowledge to help them better understand and expand their adaptation reporting capabilities as they prepare their first BTRs.

The webinars will cover key aspects of adaptation reporting, including an exploration of the GIZ methodology. Participants will learn the basics of the methodology and how it can be applied to assess vulnerability, identify adaptation options, and monitor progress. Best practices in adaptation will also be discussed, drawing on real-life examples and case studies to highlight effective strategies and approaches.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the ICAT tool and its role in supporting adaptation reporting. The ICAT tool is an integrated framework for assessing climate change impacts, developing adaptation measures, and tracking progress towards adaptation goals.

The in-person workshop will provide additional opportunities for learning and collaboration, providing a platform for participants to deepen their understanding of the adaptation reporting process and share experiences with peers and experts.